Friday, January 15, 2016

these are the days.

Life lately... 

There have been many of days spent playing with our toys, painting, messing, fighting, cuddling, book reading, and sometimes (if mama is lucky) napping.

These winter days can seem long when we're stuck inside.
I'm learning to cherish and LOVE these slow days at home with my babies.
There is something lovely about having no where to rush to, no certain time we must be somewhere.

Our house is full of imperfections, but it's
to us
and it's full of

And how much better does that get?

These are the days.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

2015 Recap

Life took on whole new meaning in 2015.

I began the yearly hugely (and uncomfortably) pregnant with Saylor Kate.
On February 17th, 2015 we welcomed her into our world after a fairly short, but pretty intense, labor. She immediately stole our hearts. After that, we began adjusting to life as a family of 4. I was surprised at how fairly easy the transition was for all of and how much more relaxed I was with baby #2. We quickly began getting out and about and tackling life together.

My Meemaw got sick early on in the year & bad new quickly turned worse. Within a few short months of diagnosis, we were saying goodbye to one of the most influential and special people in my life. She was the one that was supposed to live over 100. She was the grandma spiking the volleyball at family get togethers, out-shopping us at 3am on Black Friday, and the most joyful, energetic, godly person I knew. Life is hard sometimes. With 2 kids to tend to at home, I felt little control and like I wasn't able to be there as much as I wanted to. Losing her felt so unfair, but she left a legacy and a life to model after.,...

2015 brings to mind the song lyrics "You give and take away- my heart will choose to say LORD BLESSED BE YOUR NAME".

And that's my goal for 2016, to continue IN HIM. Trusting His ways are greater than mine and being forever grateful for the blessings he has entrusted to me. Honestly, I'd like to just slow down and BE more this year. BE still, BE present, BE content. Lose the hustle and bustle and focus more on home- opening our home to friends, cooking more meals, more lazy cuddle days. Life is fleeting and in 2016 I want to live a more simple life with the ones I love.

Here's to 2016 & here are some of my favorites from 2015!

Sunday, November 8, 2015


The holidays are coming up! My favorite time of year. But lately, I haven't been feeling too much "peace on earth" and definitely haven't had many "silent nights". HA! 

I know I'm not alone in this, as it seems to be a theme among my mama friends as well. A sense of overwhelming-ness (is that a word?) that we just can't seem to shake. And I think I've pinpointed that feelings. It's a whisper that says "do more, be more, do more, be more". And it's always speaking to me.

That little whisper seems to affect me a lot. It doesn't let me sit down often. At the end of the day so many times Ryan says "Love, come sit down with me! Let's just relax!" but I'm scurrying away tidying up dinner or straightening the house. Other times I feel the pressure to craft, bake, sew, create with my kids NONSTOP. Engage them, educate them, etc. I mean hello, we're supposed to be a Pinterest mom, right??


Since when did I let these wordly expectations creep in? It wasn't until this week I discovered they were tucked in there, but I had to get to the bottom of the discontented feeling I was battling.
And you know what I realized?

GOD says

But when I listen to that little voice, I don't give myself a chance to do so. 

I miss God so often, due to myself DOING MORE & attempting to BE MORE.

GOD says

And finally, I can take a deep breath and breathe Him in.

Ladies, God isn't calling us to perfection or Pinterest-esque lives. The expectations we have for ourselves keep us from hearing HIS still small voice that says to slow down and be thankful for what we have. It says we're enough and we don't have to do anything besides follow after him. It says to stop trying so hard to be a GOOD mom and just focus on being a GODLY one; to seek JOY instead of momentary happiness in earthly things.

The last few days I've focused on being still and letting God speak to my heart. I spent more time outside and less time obsessing over housework. I spent less time on structure and more on cuddles and kisses and staring at my beautiful babies. I spent less time on social media! I spent more time feeling His presence in the breeze, singing worship, and loving my life AS IT IS THIS VERY MOMENT.

Let's let go of our expectations that make us feel like we can't rest, can't stop, can't ever be enough. And be still long enough to KNOW that
He is GOD
 and in Him

Monday, October 26, 2015

(fall)ing even more in love with you.

Fall is here and the leaves seem to be at their peak this week. We have spent many of hours on our front porch with coffee in hand, taking leisurely walks down our dirt road, and on a blanket with books in the front yard. I have been intentional about stopping what I'm doing and taking time to soak in the beautiful outdoors lately, because if I don't it's so easy to get caught up in housework and to-do lists that the day passes and we haven't even ventured outside! And that's a pretty good excuse to let the housework slide!
I no longer feel the overwhelming sense of adjusting, but feel settled in as a mom of two. If I didn't feel fully like a mom before, I sure do now. My feet hit the floor in the morning and don't stop until long after our littles are tucked away in bed. I wouldn't change a thing; although I totally get the quote "being a mom has made me so tired and so happy".
I caught Ryan & I laughing the other day at newlyweds. For so long I felt like one, even two & three years into our marriage.... but now? We have promoted to the old married couple a seasoned couple. To me, it's better. I sense a strength in our love now- one that runs deep. A security, a safe place, a constant. Now before you think we have the perfect life- our recent date nights have consisted driving into town while the kids sleep, ordering take out, and eating it in the car while they snooze. We've decided it's so much easier than tackling 2 kids in a restaurant and it makes for more quality conversation (aka: peace and quiet). And I guess that's it- before it was all glamour and romance and now it's simple, everyday moments but togetherness and laughter and embracing our crazy, busy, messy life together.
This weekend we got fall family pictures which was so fun because I'm usually behind the camera so to capture us as a family was great! Samantha Smith (Samantha Smith Photography) out of Ozark did them and we are so so thankful. Gage was not super cooperative and by looking at the images, you'd never know! She worked her magic!
I love (fall)ing ever more in love with my family every day.
My goal is to soak up all that's left of fall because in just a few weeks we will be in the Christmas season full force (what?!?). I don't think I'm quite ready for that- I need just a few more pumpkin spice lattes first ;)